The First Four Months of Being a Mama

Some things I have learned in the first four months of being a mom…

The first four months has gone by so quickly.  I feel as though I was pregnant with my daughter Eloise only a few days ago. Below I have listed a few things that I have learned up until this point.  Please take everything with a grain of salt.  We all know that every baby, mama, and family situation is different.  This is also my first child and I was given the advice to not take advice from first time moms.  I have listened to this, but I also feel that it’s nice to see what other new moms are going through.  I hope this post helps someone.

My body has changed forever and I must accept that.

My body is starting to mold back into a somewhat recognizable state.  Though I feel that it will never be what it once was.  It was totally worth it!  Not to say that I won’t ever be a fit hot mama, but it will always be different than it was before.  I have to learn to love my new body just as much as I did my last.

Grovia Hybrid Cloth diapers are the best.

I am big on researching products before I make a purchase.  Oh boy did I research cloth diapers!  The top reviewed and recommended that I ended up purchasing were… FuzziBunz pocket one-size, SoftBums Omni one-size, BumGenius 4.0 pocket one-size, and finally Grovia Hybrid one-size.  Hands down the Grovia hybrid was the winner.  It is on the pricier side, but soooo worth it.  The materials are obviously higher quality, they have only leaked once or twice in the night during a long sleep cycle.  No poo blowouts!  All the other diapers have leaked pee and poo numerous times.  Also, Grovia makes a diaper ointment called the “Magic Stick” that truly works some magic and is cloth diaper safe J

Sometimes Eloise will cry and I have to let her.

Before we had Eloise I decided that I didn’t want to use the cry it out method and wanted to prevent any crying.  I don’t consider myself a cry it out mom now, but I do understand that sometimes she just “needs” to cry.  I have to remind myself how much she goes through every day in this great big world.  Not to mention any growing pains she may be experiencing. In the first three months I generally would hold her and continue any soothing techniques when she was crying.  In the fourth month I have started to put her in her swing or down somewhere else so she can start to figure out how to soothe herself.  I don’t let her cry alone for more than fifteen minutes.  Generally she will soothe herself in seven minutes or less.

 Pumping milk is hard.

The first week I pumped milk I cried every time.  If you are just beginning pumping I want you to know that it gets easier both physically and emotionally.  It is worth having some stored milk so you can get a break sometimes.

A happy mama is a happy baby.

I truly believe that babies reflect our feelings.  If I wake up smiling she will have a big grin on her face as well.  It can be really tough to get some time to myself, and a lot of the time if I do I feel guilty about it.  I know that I shouldn’t because it’s helping everyone in the long run.  I try to get outside for a walk, or just take a bath.  Even doing nothing is really nice.

I can do this.

My husband has had two work trips since Eloise was born.  I was so nervous about being solely responsible for this little life.  The first time he was away I had some friends come over in the evenings so I could feed all the farm animals and then shower or eat.  Community is so important when raising a little one.  The second trip I didn’t have anyone over.  Both times were so empowering to know that I could do it.  Not saying it was easy and the experience definitely gave me a new respect for single parents!

So that’s it.  I could go on and on as I know many of you could, but I just wanted to put my thoughts out there.  Feel free to comment and let me and other parents know what you have learned.