Stones of Gratitude


Two gratitude stones made by Eloise.

We just got back from our trip to NYC and I was looking for a very simple, but not too cheesy, Thanksgiving activity for our play group.  I came across  this activity here

We had the toddlers collect the stones and then pick out a pre-cut paper heart to place on the stone.  The adults pasted them on and then we let them dry as we collected more sticks for the fire.

One of the girls got upset about something and we brought her the stone she had made.  As soon as she had it in her hand she stopped crying.  Wow! Talk about grounding 🙂  We all then talked about what we were thankful for while holding our stones.

Some of the kids decided to make an extra stone for a parent that wasn’t with them – showing gratitude.

This is straight from the link I posted above…

How to Use Gratitude Stones

The gratitude stone is a physical reminder to remember your blessings! There are many ways to use them.

Family Dinner
Pass a gratitude stone around the dinner table before eating. When holding the stone, you must share something or someone you feel thankful for.

To Calm Down Strong Feelings
Thinking and talking about the good things in our life can calm down angry or sad feelings. Teach your child how to hold the stone in their hands and list everything they feel thankful for.

At Bedtime
Pass your child the gratitude stone and ask him, “What was the best part of your day?” Reply with your answer when he passes the stone back to you.

Share a Stone
Create extra stones and share them with the people you feel thankful for! Include a little note expressing your gratitude.

A Grateful Community
An attitude of gratitude is contagious! Scatter gratitude stones around your community. and neighborhood to spread joy to others.


The stone that Eloise decided to make for her dad.