And then this happened…

Eloise and I went out to run a few errands in Jaco the other day.  Eloise was very patient with running errands in the heat so I decided that it would be a good idea to reward her with a trip to a “jungle” tour.  After all our errands we drove up to NeoFauna which is just 4km North of Jaco.

I parked the car and got out to ask about tours and prices to find that our car had lost a lot of oil all over their parking lot.  Uh oh!

The three guys that ran the place immediately took a look under the hood. One of them used to be a mechanic which helped a lot.  He quickly found the problem and declared that the car most definitely was not drivable.  Which was pretty obvious from the amount of oil lost, but it was helpful to find the source of the problem.

Now we were stuck at this place with no Costa Rican cell phone, for some reason everywhere I had looked in the past few days were out of the chips that I needed to get our mobile working.  I did have my Iphone, but I didn’t have the international plan turned on.  I wasn’t prepared in the least for this to happen.  I didn’t have the number for our insurance, Russ’s number, or the car dealers number on me :/

NeoFauna had internet so I connect my Iphone with their internet and called Randy who was back at the house.  He gave me all the numbers that I needed then I used NeoFaunas main line to make some calls.  Randy made some calls as well, but couldn’t do much since he wasn’t on the scene.

First, I called the dealer because the car had a 3o day guarantee when we bought it 3 days ago.  I spoke with him then Luis from NeoFauna explained to him which part was broken.  We were in the middle of communicating with him when suddenly he didn’t answer back. I called the dealership and they said he went to lunch.  Uh hello? Im stuck with my 2year old daughter and you went to lunch?  This made me a bit uneasy about resolving the issue through them so I decided to check and see if our insurance that we bought 3 days ago would be able to at least tow the car back out to our house in Esterillos Este.

After about 1.5hrs on the phone with the insurance people, they told me they could not help me.  Even though we bought it 3 days ago and our insurance guy had sent in the receipt of our payment and spoke with them as well.  Not all the paper work was filed internally yet so we weren’t in their system.  Apparently insurance around the world is crappy, it’s not just in the USA.

By this time the dealer had gotten back with us and said that he probably …maybe…just might be coming today with his mechanic to fix the car.  He was pretty aloof about what his plans were and didn’t give me much hope.

So Eloise, who had not eaten lunch or napped and I were just waiting.  The guys at NeoFauna couldn’t have been nicer and the fact that they had two very small kittens was a huge help.  Eloise ended up playing with them for about 4 hours.

A Canadian family arrived at NeoFauna and I overheard that they were staying in Esterillos Este.  What are the chances since it’s a bit of a drive away!  After their tour we asked if we could catch a ride back with them.  We left our car keys with Luis, who by that time had become a good friend, and departed.

It was a lovely ride back with Kelly and Justin and their two kids, Ara and Miri.  Eloise passed out in my lap.  They had been in another part of Costa Rica for a month before and now they would be here for a month.  Wonderful new friends!

We all enjoyed a nice glass of Rose wine when we returned to our beach house and then they went on their way.  I am sure we will be seeing them again soon.

We called the dealer again and to our surprise he was at the car and working  on the problem.  He said he needed one more part from San Jose and would return the next day to finish it up.  To our total amazement the next day he had fixed the car and delivered it to our beach house in Esterillos Este by 11AM.

Overall the experience was trying, especially with a toddler in tow, but it was proof of how amazing it is to travel in Costa Rica.  We met a lot of wonderful people.  It forced us to slow down and get to know the people around us.  I am not sure if Eloise will remember any of it, but if she does I hope she remembers all the kindness that was given without question.

I apologize I do not have a single picture for your entertainment.  I was too caught up in solving the problem at hand.  We are planning on returning to NeoFauna soon so I will take some pictures and post about that soon.



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