Swimming with a Two-toed Sloth

It’s not everyday that you see a sloth at our beach.  Our neighbors here saw a sloth a couple nights ago so yesterday morning I tracked it down.  Since they move quite slowly it was not too far from where it was originally spotted.  It was sleeping peacefully in a palm tree above the pool.  We also got to see some sloth excrement on the ground.  This sounds gross, but it was kind of cool because they can take an average of two weeks to digest and defecate.

Last night after dinner we decided to go swimming.  As we swam the sloth started to move above us.  Wow!  It was indescribably wondrous to watch the sloth move about so slowly, yet so gracefully.  Two-toed sloths are nocturnal creatures.  They spend their days sleeping away and their nights foraging and “hanging out” with people like us 😉  I was worried it would fall in the pool.  After doing some research,  I found out that sloths are supposed to be great swimmers as well.  Hmmm…I will believe that when I see it!

I hope Eloise remembers this night and the sloth.  Eloise and Frédérique were swimming around while the sloth was moving about on a palm tree hanging over the pool.  If she does remember will it be in French (paresseux), Spanish (perezoso), or English (Sloth)?


Frédérique and Eloise swimming under the sloth.


Drying off and sloth watching with the dads.

I also took a lot of video, but haven’t mastered the art of posting my own video here yet.  Sloth videos coming soon…


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