Hermit Crabs


Heidi holding a hermit crab for closer inspection.

Who knew that hermit crabs could keep a couple toddlers busy on the beach for hours. Yesterday Eloise mastered the art of holding a hermit crab.  It is quite refined for a two year old toddler.  She places her hand, palm up and open, on the ground and then asks for me to place the crab in the center of her palm.  It is a very exciting moment when the crab comes out of his shell and scurries off of her hand.

Today we watched a very informative video by the BBC about hermit crabs.  Amazing!

After the heat of the day was swept away by the ocean breeze we headed out to the beach in search of hermit crabs.  After meeting up with Eloise’s trusted beach combing French-Canadian toddler friend, we started our search.  It didn’t take long to find about a dozen hermit crabs.  We lined them up by size, had hermit races, looked for empty shells for them to move into, you get the idea.


Eloise & Frédérique playing with hermit crabs.

We did about everything there is to do with hermit crabs.  It was a wonderful afternoon and sunset on the beach once again.


Eloise taking in the sunset.

Oh and if you were wondering how to say “hermit crab” in French, Eloise can tell you.  It’s “bernard l’ermite”…   And in Spanish, “cangrejo ermitaño”