First week in Esterillos Este


Our home for the next three months.

We have officially been at our beach house in Costa Rica for a week. We are just getting the hang of things. Some things that we have learned are…

  • Lock everything up even when you are home and around – luckily we haven’t learned this the hard way, but by repeated advice from neighbors.
  • A floor bed in this house is not reasonable for our 1 year old. There are way too many ants, iguanas, and bats.
  • You cannot bring enough sunscreen to Costa Rica! It’s way expensive down here.
  • Cloth diapers will take too much effort to be worth it. We are using our disposable inserts in our Grovia hybrid shells and it seems to be working well thus far.

We were hoping to find some kind of local farm to buy fresh produce, etc.   Luckily for us we found a family that sells milk, eggs, cheese, coconut oil, and whole butchered chickens. We had our first Sunday roast chicken from them and it was tasty!

We also found another cow farm that produces all sorts of milk products. Including yoghurt. Randy has been making a fresh fruit smoothie every morning and this yoghurt is a welcomed addition.

Another great find was a spice farm, Villa Vanilla. They grow all sorts of spices, fruits, and veggies. We went for a nice walking tour there and then bought some of their delicious spices. We will certainly be back! Here’s the website if you are in the area.

Right now our vegetables and fruit come from a large fruit market in Jaco. I don’t think they are grown in a wonderful manner so we are still looking for a good source for fresh produce. We will keep you posted.

There is a great meat shop next to the fruit market that sells fresh and delicious meats.

A typical morning smoothie consists of the following:

  • Fresh fruit (starfruit, strawberries, banana, mango, pineapple, watermelon, passionfruit, etc.)
  • Local yoghurt
  • Chia seeds (Atenas, Costa Rica)
  • Cinnamon (Villa Vanilla)
  • Cacao nibs (Villa Vanilla)